Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Caroline Orr is a sociopath

As documented elsewhere this edition, 'feminist' Caroline Orr has her panties in a wad because a man who served in the US military is being deported after being convicted of domestic abuse (among other things) and serving time in prison.

It's so unfair! -- shrieks Caroline, he served in the military!

Yet, this same piece of trash smears Tulsi Gabbard -- who served in the US military -- as a Russian asset.

See, it's okay to be a man who beats women -- it's okay with Caroline Orr.  It's just not okay to be a woman -- in the military or in civilian life in the US obviously -- for Caroline.

Caroline Orr is not a feminist.  (Feminists don't work for David Brock.  Feminists no his actions harmed women and he's done nothing to repent for those actions.  His 'confessional' was a money making scheme that worked out well for him.)  Caroline's a gruesome looking woman who is desperate for attention and should be avoided at all costs.  We're issuing this warning as a public service.

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