Monday, September 09, 2019

Welcome to the party, late arrivals

So now people are alarmed by JACK RYAN.  Now.  Now?  Where were they last year?  Back in September at this site, Ava and C.I. offered "TV: AMAZON peddles fear and hate."

Where were you in September of 2018?

"A nuclear Venezuela... you will not hear about it on the news 'cause we'll already be dead" is an actual line in this trailer for the new Jack Ryan movie. American propaganda is so over-the-top and ridiculous


Is there any way to de-list this as a television show and categorize it correctly as in-house CIA propaganda?

  1. Just saw the Jack Ryan trailer, where they're trying to spin the current humanitarian crisis in Venezuela caused by US sanctions are actually because Russia is selling them nuclear bombs what. The propaganda of the military-industrial complex really is fucking shameless
  2. The Jack Ryan show definitely began production back when the coup was being coordinated, assuming it would still be in motion by the time production wrapped, but the coup blew up in their face, so now all they have is a stupid TV show, which is kinda funny. Fuck John Krasinski.

So Jim from "The Office" wants us to know that Venezuela is trying to nuke the U.S. How is everything this dumb?

  1. Amazon's 'Jack Ryan' TV series lambasted for promoting Venezuela 'invasion'

Hollywood makes 'over-the-top and ridiculous' Venezuelan regime change propaganda as the US continues to try to overthrow the Venezuelan government:

The funny guy on The Office is now promoting Trump propaganda against Venezuela. U.S. sanctions have killed 40,000 people in Venezuela and Hollywood fantasizes about killing even more. So much for Hollywood being leftist.

Bonus points are offered by Ava and C.I. to anyone Tweeting above who can answer what show smeared Venezuela -- what heavily applauded show?

Answer: PARKS AND RECREATION.  Ava and C.I. called that episode out as well.  Did you lovely Tweeters above say one damn word.  No.  No, you didn't.

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