Monday, September 09, 2019

Some Tweets about the Green Party

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    Want a Green Party option on your ballot? Donate $5 to & help him get your $5 donation MATCHED. Then they can work to get on the ballot in EVERY STATE! DONATE $5 HERE⬇️
  • No more billionaires. No more rich politicians. It's time for a government for the working class, run by the working class.
  • Help a powerhouse Green break through! Stefania Czech is running for Toledo City Council endorsed by Our Revolution, fighting to protect the people of Toledo, our water, Lake Erie & the environment. Volunteer from anywhere to help reach every voter in her district by Primary Day!
  • For those who vote Green, what is your political affiliation?
  • For those of you who are enrolled Greens, where did you come from?
  • It's not a life sentence 2 join a party. Dems vote GOP, Repubs vote Dem, etc. Happens all the time. While we urge u 2 vote Green, how U vote is UR right. You can B Green & still B an independent, free thinker. It still helps us when U join us, no matter how U vote in the end.
  • Come meet the Original Green New Dealer today in Dallas, TX!
  • Everyone! We have a huge campaign announcement coming shortly from our friends at the Green Party CCC. This was taken at their table in July at our Annual National Meeting. Stay Tuned! greenpartyus
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  • Plankton, which provides 50% of the world's oxygen, are on their way to extinction. More than 4.3 billion rely on fish for 15% of their protein intake. Fishing accounts for 10% of jobs. Climate change is raising acidity, temperature and sea lives.
  • Want a Green Party option on your ballot? Donate $5 to & help him get your $5 donation MATCHED. Then they can work to get on the ballot in EVERY STATE! DONATE $5 HERE⬇️
  • All hands on deck! If you do not live in the Toledo area, you can still help to get elected! Here’s how:
  • We’re proud to know this fine . And we’re even more honored to support

  • Can Eco-Socialism Save the Planet? Green Party 2020 presidential candidate Howie Hawkins answers this question in Tucson, 09/03/2019 at 6:30pm. Location: 3057 N Gaia Place, Tucson, AZ 85745 Text "Howie" to 444999 More info at
  • RECAPTURE DEMOCRACY AT FIRST FRIDAY! Meet 2020 Green Party presidential candidate Howie Hawkins who will share the REAL Green New Deal Meet up at 2nd Street and Portland just north of Roosevelt, 9/06/19 at 6 to 10pm More info:
  • Join Howie and the tonight in Phoenix, AZ from 6-11 pm for some petitioning to get the Green Party on the ballot in 2020.
  • voters have a real choice in Tuesday’s election. Let’s show District2 what Democracy looks like—Vote Stefania Czech next Tue., Sep 10th.
  • If we don’t stop this new fossil fuel infrastructure, we will be locked into decades of fossil fuel burning that will result in a climate holocaust that leads to mass extinction, ecosystem collapse, and the collapse of agriculture and human civilization.
  • College is starting up!! If you are a student who wants to set up a college Green Party chapter, we are willing to help you navigate how to do so. Message us. The time is right for us to be there as a viable political option for today's youth!
  • Can Ecosocialism Save the Planet? If you live in Mesa, AZ, come meet Howie, learn about the Ecosocialist Green New Deal, and get invovled!
  • In order to avert climate crisis, we need an economy that provides economic democracy and civil rights for workers and ecological sustainability across all sectors. Capitalism is at the heart of the crisis and an is the solution!
  • I agree with that nuclear is a false climate solution. Nuclear waste, accidents and costs are a major problem. In addition to wind, solar and geothermal, we need to invest in energy efficiency and conservation.
  • Workers need and that provides economic democracy, social justice, and ecological sustainability.
  • We had a great time cheering on the unions today!

  • We are trying to reach matching funds status by the end of the year, a first for a Green Campaign! With federal matching funds your donation (up to $250) is doubled, which means we can hire twice as many staff to help grow the party. Donate Today!
  • We need robust public discussion on climate change NOW. Don't be held hostage by the oil & gas-funded DNC. Help us signal boost Howie's campaign so we can have a real discussion. Sign up to volunteer or donate TODAY!
  • We are a 1/3 of the way to federal matching funds! Help us get there by the end of the year! New York was the first state to reach matching funds! California is right behind them! How is your state doing? Find out and have your donation doubled today!
  • Today's is 50 States, 50 Rules. Every state has different rules and hurdles to jump through in order for third parties to get on the ballot. This creates a labyrinth of details restricting participation.

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