Tuesday, July 30, 2019

The Male Stars

Last edition, we offered "The Men" and it was focused on the best actors of the last century.  A number of you objected to the list (at the bottom, we provide your top ten list).  That's fine.  They were our ten picks.  But Cary Grant?

Cary Grant never gave a bad performance.  We would give him an Oscar for PHILADELPHIA STORY, HOLIDAY, NORTH BY NORTHWEST, BRINGING UP BABY and CHARADE.  But Cary is a star.  The list we came up with was a list of male actors.  We were basing it on acting, on performances.  Many didn't have Cary star power, absolutely.  And star power is important as well.

But here's our list of the ten great stars of the 20th century, male.


1) Cary Grant

2) Paul Newman

3) Sidney Poitier

4) Michael Douglas

5) Jimmy Stewart

6) Richard Pryor

7) Mel Gibson

8) Jack Lemmon

9) Billie Dee Williams

10) Clint Eastwood


Here are your ten -- in the order of who got mentioned the most in the e-mails -- of the ten best actors of the 20th century that should have been on our list last week but were not.

1) Cary Grant

2) Steve McQueen

3) Morgan Freeman

4) Harrison Ford

5) Samuel L. Jackson

6) Gary Cooper

7) Richard Burton

8) Tom Hanks

9) Henry Fonda

10) Clark Gable

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