Tuesday, July 30, 2019

10 actors who underwhelm

Sandra Dee and Elvis Presley may not have been the greatest actors in the world but they held our attention when they were onscreen -- we can't say the same of many others who are more celebrated and better known.

Here's ten who do nothing for us.

1) Tyrone Power -- praised as a great beauty, we never saw it and find his acting to be rather stilted.

2) Susan Hayward -- brassy and overwrought.  If Paul Newman really stole THE THREE FACES OF EVE out from under her for his wife Joanne, we say, "Well done, Paul."

3) Glenn Ford -- not to be confused with the writer and activist at BLACK AGENDA REPORT, this bland actor was lucky enough to appear opposite Rita Hayworth and Bette Davis, among others, because he never really brought anything to the screen himself.

4) Van Johnson -- another do nothing onscreen.  If that was the boy next door, we would have demanded to live in another neighborhood.

5) William Holden -- a strong actress -- Barbara Stanwyck, Gloria Swanson, Faye Dunaway -- could make you sit through the film but it couldn't convince you Holden had a screen presence.

6)  Greer Garson -- an ice queen in every sense of the word.

7) Jane Alexander -- at her most emotive, she barely qualifies as ambient noise.

8) Adolphe Menjou -- Hollywood must have been really desperate to have ever cast him in anything.

9) Robert Taylor -- off screen?  They say he was in a lavender marriage with Barbra Stanwyck, they say he 'nursed' on Katharine Hepburn's nipples, they say so much.  Sadly, none of that translated to anything interesting onscreen.

10) Gig Young -- so much hostility -- even in a minor role (DESK SET), he was menacing when he should have been light.

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