Monday, June 17, 2019

Food for thought

We're reposting this piece by Ruth:

 Senator Tammy Duckworth betrays and harms the United States

Tammy Duckworth is a U.S. Senator and an Iraq War veteran.  She makes much of this over and over and over.  That would be her business alone, were it not for the fact that she keeps referring to Presidet Donald Trump as a "coward" on television.

The U.S. is engaged in how many wars?  Much more than just the Iraq War and the Afghanistan War. And here Ms. Duckworth is calling the President of the United States a "coward" over and over on T.V.  What message does that send to the world?

I believe the U.S. Senate needs to censure her.  Her remarks are unbecoming of a senator and they are harmful to national security.  I am all for free speech for citizens but there is a higher standard for members of Congress.

Ms. Duckworth's repeated mocking of Mr. Trump is harmful and she needs to cease and desist.

Donald Trump is the only president we have right now and when Senator Duckworth insists upon ridiculing him as a "coward," she sends a very harmful message to the world.  It is time for the Senate to tell her to straighten her little act up because it is not helpful to the United States.

(C.I. asks, in the snapshot below, when someone is going to call Ms. Duckworth out on this nonsense?  It is a good question.  I am happy to do so.)

This is C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot" for today:
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