Monday, June 17, 2019

Desperate to praise someone, they end up praising a pedophile

As with so much of modern day stupidity, this latest one can be traced to aging hagtress Alyssa Milano.


So quick to jump on any bandwagon and so deprived of schooling, Alyssa saw a HUFFINGTON POST article that just needed -- really, really needed! -- reading.

Now any thinking person would have immediately grasped that America doesn't "owe its existence" to any one person.  And maybe he'd even grasp that "America" is a continent, not a country.  That's there's North America, South America, Central America . . .     And any thinking person would have realized that Nicholas Ferroni, a failed actor, is just another pathetic idiot trying to advance himself.

So he writes a fanciful -- and largely fact-free -- account of Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben.  He does note same-sex attraction, he just doesn't identify it completely.

Friedrich is not the gay man that Nicholas tries to portray him as.  He was, in fact, a pedophile and that's why he came to the Colonies to begin with.

"All of RI's Congressmen Join Abuse Survivors' Bid to Shroud Washington DC Park Pedophile Statue" explains that, on behalf of survivors of childhood abuse, the removal of a statue in DC is being requested -- the statue of Baron von Steuben.  Yeah, the one that the actor turned historian was praising.  See von Steuben did come to the Colonies -- because he was fleeing charges of abusing "young boys."

Not because he was gay, to be clear, but because he was a pedophile.

These charges are documented in various publications over the years.  The Baron's gayness is not documented.  It's a leap of faith to make the claim.

Digging in the past to find heroes is generally the work of the presently insecure.

And Ferroni's article reeks of insecurity.  Someone needs to wake him from his sleep and explain to him that gay men and lesbians are no longer banned from serving in the US military.  It's a detail he seems to struggle with as he tries to present the issue as one America is currently struggling with.  That battle's over, it's been decided.  Take the win.


Cedric's "Alyssa Milano's new career as a pedophile praiser!" and Wally's "THIS JUST IN! ALYSSA TWEETS PRAISE OF A PEDHOPHILE!" covered this topic Saturday night.

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