Monday, June 17, 2019

Amnesty International traffics in sexism

Last week, Elaine offered "5 Carly Simon songs you may not know" which was a popular post that covered four songs Carly's performed with others and one song that she co-wrote for Thelma Houston.

One song she didn't include?  Carly's 2012 cover of Bob Dylan's "Just Like A Woman."  Why?

She didn't know about it.  We were all kind of surprised to learn of it when C.I. suggested, this edition, that next time she might want to include that cover.  We didn't know about it.

Blame Amnesty International and their sexism, C.I. explained.  They made multiple videos for the project and ignored the women contributing -- women like Carly, Patti Smith, Adele, Lucinda Williams, Kesha, and Diana Krall -- unless the women were also actresses (Miley Cyrus and Evan Rachel Wood).

When we first heard it, we assumed it was an outtake from Carly's INTO WHITE album.  Thanks, Amnesty, for letting sexism rule you and making a bunch of b.s. videos (and making of videos!) with Pete Townsend (you sure are forgiving of his kiddie porn, Amnesty), Joe Perry, Jeff Beck, Pete Seeger, etc.  Maybe if you'd promoted Patti, Carly and Adele, people might have heard of the album?

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