Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Kaya Taitano

Disgraced Nathan Phillips will always have to live with the facts that (a) he lied about being a Vietnam War veteran, (b) he lied about the Covington Kids and (c) he's some sort of a predator that targets boys but he's not really the full story, is he?

While he lied repeatedly to get press attention, he was already known as an attention whore.

The person who appears to be escaping criticism is Kaya Taitano.

Kaya Taitano

Kaya Taitano

Washington, District Of Columbia
Primary/Secondary Education


This is the person who filmed and posted the short video.  That was the video that made it look like the kids had surrounded predator Nathan Phillips when it was the perp who walked up to the kids.  She's also the one who repeatedly told the press that the kids chanted "Build that wall!" -- you know the lie that no tape proved.

In other words, Kaya Taitano set out to deliberately lie.  This was no accident, this was her idea of 'activism' apparently.

She took what happened and distorted it.

She posted a tiny segment of the video to lie about what happened and she lied about what happened to the press.  And the press, so thankful to have cheap trash like Taitano, even gave her press credit for stills from the video.  How often do you ever see that happen?

Kaya Taitano lied.  She lied repeatedly.  She tried to destroy 16-year-old Nick Sandmann.

She knows she lied.

She knows she's trash.

It's time the world grasped that fact too.  Don't be surprised if the media begins exploring her actions as lawsuits against the press make it to court. 

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