Tuesday, March 12, 2019

From The TESR Test Kitchen


Who doesn't like ice?  And you can never have enough ice on hand.  So do you plop down a hundred bucks and buy an ice maker?

THE ORIGINAL ICE GENIE ICE CUBE MAKER claims to be the answer to your problems.

ice genie

It claims to be a non-electric ice maker.  You put a sleeve in the round container.  You fill the circle between the container and the sleeve.  You put the lid on.  Then you pop it into the freezer for a few hours.  Presto, you have some ice.

That's the claim, anyway.

The reality?

You're wasting your money on this product.  Half the time, you get a few cubes of ice -- maybe ten.  They are pellet size and that would be fine if they would make the amount of ice they're supposed to but they never do.

We got this product on February 16th.  We tried and tested it more than any product we've ever done.

For seven days straight we tried it.

Then, a week later, we started trying it again.

It makes, on a good attempt, about 1/4 the ice it promises and the rest forms a thick circle inside the sleeve.

It's 20 or so dollars you're tossing in the garbag.

It's not even good at holding ice cubes.  And the plastic tongs it comes with?  They snap apart almost immediately.

This is a product to avoid at all costs.

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