Tuesday, March 12, 2019

DiFi goes beserk

The skit didn't air but it should have.  Senator Dianne Feinstein is a menace.  We noted that here.  We noted that we had a wonderful choice, a progressive choice, but instead Cher and her ilk decided to attack the Latino man and elevate Dianne The Liar Feinstein.

Look what you got, a useless, corrupt and bought politician.

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    Yes. The children in Dianne Feinstein's office made some extremely cogent points on the 93 trillion dollar green new deal!
  2. Dianne Feinstein Confronted By Children Won't Support AOC Green New Deal

  1. Dianne Feinstein doesn't teach cynicism to young children because she really believes that change can't happen. What she really believes is what the lobbyists tell her to believe! They are betting big $ on cynicism as a veil covering for inaction.

Dianne Feinstein Horrendous Reaction To Children Activists

Children arguing with Senator Diane Feinstein (California, Democrat), what the US government needs to do to try and stem climate change; and refuse to buy her arguments. (3:17 duration)

  1. THIS is how you interact with children.
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    Listen to the children

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Remember when snapped at children telling them we don’t have any money for the Green New Deal

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Stop yelling at children.. Do your job..get real..grow a heart.. Stop giving up on California...

Way to brow beat those children really proved your point

  1. Hear from Isha Clarke, the teen climate activist who recently paid a visit to She's helping to organize a US on March 15. Children shouldn't have to be protesting for a liveable future, it should be their right!

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    Until you apologize to those children I think you need to resign.
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    Listen to the children

  1. Feinstein has direct financial interests in the same fossil fuel companies that the Green New Deal threatens. Maybes that's why her answer to a group of pleading children was that climate change was "not going to get turned around in ten years."
  2. I am not happy the way you treated the children who came to talk to you about climate change. You didn't listen and you weren't a very good role model. You acted like a dictator. But I guess they learned a valuable lesson in government...no one listens.
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    60 Minutes aired episode on climate lawsuit. Government has known about impact of fossil fuels since 1965. You touted your years of experience to the children calling on you to act with urgency on the emergency we are now in. Shame on you for ignoring the problem for 30 years.

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