Monday, April 16, 2018

THE INTERCEPT just gets worse

THE INTERCEPT was supposed to be so many things but it never really became anything but a mirror of the US press -- with the same hysteria about Russia.

It just gets worse each day.


Sarah Aziza has a new piece about an Iraqi translator.

Boo hoo, Aziza whines, this Iraqi who helped security contractors can't become an American citizen.  Oh, boo hoo. He was a Benedict Arnold to Iraq.  He worked for security contractors.

Who did Aziza work for?

We're told her 'work' with the Palestinians was actually intell.  She wasn't there to teach, she was there to spy and to identify 'troublemakers.'  If we were told that, we can't imagine Glenn Greenwald wasn't alerted to that as well.

However, if he'd just examined her parents -- or the parents of her husband -- he would have seen that Sarah is part of the whole push for empire.

She's not an honest broker.

Which is probably why she ended up at THE INTERCEPT which isn't an honest broker either.

Which is how she is allowed to 'report' that her subject worked with the US military.  Really?  Because the only thing the article proves is that he worked with the contractor L-3.  Not really the same thing, is it?

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