Monday, April 16, 2018

Some Tweets from Ajamu Baraka

  • Every thinking person in the U.S. should be insulted by the notion that the obvious conclusion that the attack on Syria violated the Constitution & international law & was morally unjustified because of the U.S. record, arrived at that position because of Russia disinformation.
  • So if you oppose U.S. militarism and illegal attacks by the U.S. you have been influence by Russia tolls? And this is supposed to be an authoritative news source according to FaceBook. What a joke. "
  • BAP says no blood for oil but public continues to be duped by ruling class press into supporting U.S. gangsterism. Now we are told not only did Syria use chemical weapons they now have an "arsenal." I mean damn - they don't have any respect for people.
  • The Clinton news network and state-corporate press really think that the people are stupid. They will just assert something and it is supposed to be taken as truth. Now Syria has a "arsenal" of chemical weapons - kind of like Saddam's" :
  • Let's remember the pro-war agitation from these bourgeois rags next time they pretend to be opposed to gun violence in the U.S. Morally you cannot separate the two issues.
  • What a joke. These three racist, colonialist criminal states pretending to be the defenders of human life when their very existence has always depended on the systematic degradation of human life. We have one word for these hypocrites - Gaza.
  • Ajamu Baraka Retweeted The Guardian
    The imperialist white united front at it again. They are so infected by psychopathology of white supremacy that they don't recognize that the world sees them as the criminals that they are.
    Ajamu Baraka added,
  • Ajamu Baraka Retweeted Muhammad Smiry #GreatReturnMarch
    I say again the hypocrisy of the U.S. pretending to care about lives in Syria while giving support to this kind of barbarism.
    Ajamu Baraka added,
  • We must end war on black and Brown people

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