Monday, April 16, 2018

Editorial: More blood for 'liberation'

US flag burned during a protest in Baghdad today condemning US-led airstrikes against Syria's Bashar al-Assad [Baath] regime. cc:

🔴🇮🇶 BREAKING : Moqtada Sadr call for a protest in retaliation for the triple aggression against Syria. The "Peace Brigade" have declared their readiness to protect the Western Iraqi border from "American".

Hundreds protest in Iraq against U.S. airstrikes on Syria

Iraqis set fire to US flag in protest of strikes

Who knows better than the Iraqi people what the US government really means when it uses the word "liberation"?

War on Iraq was no answer and war on Syria isn't one either.

Where are the voices in the media calling for peace?

Where are the ones opposing war?

How can you pretend to care about violence in the US and not give a damn about killing children in other countries?

America needs to wake up.


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