Monday, March 26, 2018

Stupid Hiral laps at Tammy Duckworth's crotch

Sen. Tammy Duckworth (IL), an Iraq War veteran herself, is spot on: "It's shameful to turn our backs on those who have the courage to wear the uniform. We can do better than this."

Oh, Hiral, you ignorant fool.

You don't deserve to be elected.  Tammy Duckworth?  She doesn't deserve to serve in Congress.  The only time whining Tammy speaks up is if it's someone -- citizen or not -- who fought in the Iraq War.

Guess what?

Congress is supposed to represent the American people.

It's time all you whores grasped that.

That means you work on ending homelessness immediately.  No, not just for veterans, for all American citizens.

It means you start grasping that you're in DC to serve the American people.  Stop whoring out to corporations.  Stop pushing the tax burden onto individual American citizens.  Start raising the minimum wage.  Start creating jobs.  Start increasing Medicare benefits.  And create Medicare 4 All to ensure that every American citizen has health insurance.

That's the work you need to do.

Instead, you all just get into Congress and line your own pockets.  Cheap whores.  America deserves better.

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