Monday, March 26, 2018

Editorial: Navel gazers refuse to look at the ongoing war

"At the height of the war, there were almost 170,000 U.S. troops in Iraq trying to quell an insurgency and stabilize a country in the grips of a vicious civil conflict. And the U.S. is still involved in Iraq," declared Lulu Garcia-Navarro on NPR's WEEKEND EDITION Sunday.  Why is it so hard for so many others to admit this reality?

So many realities about Iraq tend to be difficult for the media.


Even in Australia, they realize what a joke THE ATLANTIC is.

As Michael Brull (NEW MATILDA) points out, "The governments who perpetrated the war are 'still at large', and the experts haven't been fired, let alone discredited. A prime example is Jeffrey Goldberg, the insufferable liberal 'journalist' who has fallen upwards after every round of pumping out American and Israeli propaganda. Now, incredibly, he is the editor-in-chief at the Atlantic."

And to prove how pathetic THE ATLANTIC is, they ran garbage over the weekend by Matt Peterson who insisted, "The bull had destroyed the china shop. Yet only the bull could fix it. More than that, argues the ethicist Gerard Powers, it would have been wrong for the United States to withdraw at that point."

That's the thing about the War Whores, it's never the right time to leave for them.

THE ATLANTIC passes this off as 'insight' and 'new' but it's not.  It was all around 14 years ago and rejected at THE COMMON ILLS in "SHOULD THIS MARRIAGE BE SAVED?"  The people who destroy your home?  It doesn't matter if it was an accident (the Iraq War was no accident), if they've broken in your home, you just want them to leave.  They may want to stay and try to fix it, but it's not their home and they need to respect your wishes and leave.  The wishes of the Iraqi people is that the US leave their country.

Don't expect the US to leave anytime soon.

A bunch whiny kids in America again made it about themselves over the weekend.

The world was not amused.

All across the nation, people are protesting against "violence," and yet not one demonstration about the government's violence in , , , , , . Millions have died since 2003 and it doesn't even register on the outrage meter.
Protests around the world to condemn gun violence in America; NO PROTESTS to condemn American violence in , , , , & around the world?

America's White teens have made it clear that they will navel gaze forever more.  They will also whine to the media that their school was 25% African-American and that the media is ignoring those students of color -- while these White entitled kids never realize that by refusing to step aside, they will continue to hog the microphone and prevent students of color from speaking.

The whiners aren't really interested in their peers of color, if they were they'd shut up and insist the media focus on the students of color.  They're not interested in the deaths of foreigners caused by the US government either.

They're useless and their only function at this point is being the subject of a betting pool -- will Hogg disgrace himself in the next four years by attacking a female or be caught selling his ass for cash?

In the world of real problems, there's the Iraq War.

Nicholas J.S. Davis (NEW MINT PRESS) notes the death toll in Iraq is easily 2.38 million killed since the start of the 2003 US-led invasion.

But, hey, no need to march for that, right?  Who cares about the Iraqi people, right?

On Sunday, the CBC asked "What are Canadian special forces still doing in Iraq?"  It's a shame that no media outlet in the US had the courage to ask that question about US forces.

Suck on that, David Hogg.

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