Monday, March 12, 2018

Little Hollyweird Troll Pretends To Care

Trump supporters! I have a super basic question for you. I’m being sincere and I’d like to have a real conversation about this. Please watch this video and tell me that you feel confident this woman is going to make education better in this country.

"Trump supporters!" -- in other words, the people she keeps insulting.

She's got "a super basic question" for them and she's "being sincere" -- you know, not the usual asshole that she is.

She'd like "a real conversation" -- at least until she starts hurling insults.

Can someone please explain to Alyssa that she was a child actress -- not a child star.

Macaulay Culkin, he was a child star.

Alyssa was employed as a supporting actress on WHO'S THE BOSS? -- few episodes revolved around her and she could do nothing but a brief walk on in an episode and no one missed her.

After that show?  She flopped a lot.  Then she eventually got CHARMED where she was a bitch on the set and got a co-star fired.  She took a producer's credit eventually but doesn't want to take responsibility for any of the harassment of women that might have taken place during the series run.

After that?

She's never lasted more than two seasons on a show and, in one case, she lasted only four episodes.

But somehow she's convinced herself that she's a star and someone amazing.

She's nothing.  She's certainly not a real actress.  She's a minor celebrity who knows how to memorize dialogue.  She's not real good about conveying it or any emotions.  She's never learned how to shade a role.  She's just a wind up doll.  And the doll's gotten a little tired.

People like her?  They can't afford to insult potential fans.

But idiots like her don't grasp how unimportant they are.  She's Erin Gray with far less talent and self-awareness.

Someone explain to her that most people in the US don't know who she is and that numbers only going to increase.

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