Monday, March 12, 2018

From The TESR Test Kitchen

Who doesn't like beverages?

We all know they're important, especially on a hot day.

diet coke

Spring's just around the corner and you may be tempted to grab one of the new cans of Diet Coke.  You know the new ones, they come in various flavors.  We tried Twisted Mango, Ginger Lime and Feisty Cherry.

Our verdict?

Avoid unless you're confined to diet colas for some reason (such as diabetes).  All three taste metallic.  Twisted Mango briefly tastes like something distantly related to mangos and Ginge Lime briefly tastes like a candy version of lime.  But both soon lose the flavor and, by sip four, taste only metallic.

Feisty Cherry?  Maybe it's the feisty part?  But the flavor does hang around until the last sip.  It's a metallic cherry taste.  It's nothing that we'd recommend.  For example, if diabetes or some other reason means you need to rely on diet colas, we'd suggest Coca-Cola Cherry Zero which is a diet drink and which has a cherry taste without the metallic accompaniment.

Let's move over to sugar.  Yes, we work both sides of the street.


M&M's.  There are three new flavors we haven't tested yet.

So we grabbed up the Almond, the Strawberry Nut and the White Chocolate.

M&M lovers, we recommend White Chocolate which is a new taste that manages to preserve what we've all grown to love in a pack of M&M's.

After that?

Almond isn't a great deal different from peanut but it's a little bit sharper.

Stawberry Nut?

These honestly tasted like Skittles.

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