Monday, March 12, 2018

Black Box Voting moves to the US colony of Iraq

And everyone wants to pretend that's a good thing.

: The electronic voting process used in the next elections prevents electoral fraud.

Far from preventing voter fraud, electronic voting often encourages it.  There are a number of issues at stake and you should refer to Bev Harris and BLACK BOX VOTING for more on what's at play.

The previous method resulted in results within a week which, for Iraq, wasn't that long.

So why the move to electronic voting?

In 2010, Nouri al-Maliki lost the election.

Did that mean he was gone?

No.  He got a second term as prime minister thanks to US President Barack Obama who helped broker The Erbil Agreement -- a contract that gave Nouri the second term as prime minister that the voters didn't want him to have.

Now the US government doesn't have to broker any agreement if their puppet loses, they could just alter the vote count.

What's being sold to Iraqis as progress is potentially just greater colonial control over the country by the US.

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