Sunday, January 28, 2018

Michigan Greens Issue a Response to Snyder's Last State of the State Speech

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  January 25, 2018
CONTACT:  Sherry A. Wells, Chair
Michigan Greens Issue a Response to
Snyder's Last State of the State Speech
The Green Party of Michigan has issued a response to Rick Snyder's final 
"State of the State" speech Tuesday night.
The 15-minute video, a special episode of the recurring "In the Green" 
program with host Clyde Shabazz, features GPMI Chair Sherry A. Wells and 
Jennifer V. Kurland, a candidate for the Green nomination to succeed 
Snyder as governor.
Wells introduces the founding principles of the Green Party, its Four 
Pillars -- Grassroots Democracy, Social Justice, Non-Violence, and 
Ecological Wisdom -- and explains how they are connected to major issues 
Michigan faces.
Kurland discusses the Flint water crisis, on which she has already 
shared the results of six months of research with every member of the 
Legislature, as well as the impact of income inequality on Michigan 
education and the need for a Green New Deal to give Michigan workers 
jobs using the skills they have to help clean up the state's excessive 
share of the country's most polluted neighborhoods.
The video is available on the party's Facebook page at
or via YouTube at
The text of Wells's remarks is on the party's Website at
GPMI's next statewide membership meeting will be Saturday, February 24 
in the lower level training room at Community Rebuilders, 1120 Monroe 
NW, Grand Rapids.
For more information on the Green Party of Michigan, its values, and its 
platform -- and how you can get involved -- please visit the party's 
Website at, or the migreens Facebook page.
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