Sunday, January 28, 2018

Baby Cum Pants of the Week

Meet Jimmy McHugh.  Meet Jimmy McHugh.

Jimmy McHugh

Jimmy McHugh


University of Toledo🚀'21 👬snap:jimmymch13
Sylvania, OH
Joined June 2013

He thinks he's smart enough to operate Twitter.

He also thinks he's big enough to be out of diapers.

Let's hope he's right on the second one because he's completely wrong on the first.

President Obama still never seems to get the credit he deserved. He got us out of the Great Recession and the Iraq war while promoting a world of equality. The auto industry bounced back and he cut the deficit by 3- quarters by the end of his term.

The Iraq War continues.  It hits the 15 year mark, in fact, in March.

Poor little Jimmy.  Such a little boy, such a scared little boy.

He's turtling even now because he's Baby Cum Pants of the Week.

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