Sunday, January 28, 2018


tai pei shrimp fried rice sweet and sour chicken

Tai Pai has ditched the little square boxes and gone with containers that look like Blue Bunny ice cream container.  Has the taste gotten better?

We tried Shrimp fried rice and we tried Sweet and Sour chicken.

And they were similar.

Both were way too damp and moist and watery.

While they added a great deal of water to the frozen product, they also reduced the portion of meat and rice.

We give this an F.

We love Chinese.

The old Tai Pai was far from perfect.  We'd give it a C.  But even so, as Chinese food lovers, we'd buy it and eat it despite it being mediocre.

This reboot is is worse than mediocre and we can't imagine ever wanting to eat it again.

Meanwhile, Nestle's has a new product.

nestle drumstick peppermint variety

Limited Edition Drumsticks Peppermint Variety.

The container has three different flavors: Peppermint, peppermint fudge and chocolate peppermint.

Which is the best?

Buy two boxes so you can go through both and realize that you'll never know which is the best flavor.  They are all wonderful.  We love this.

Nestle's gets an A+ and we consider this to be the best tasting product to ever make it through our test kitchen.

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