Monday, January 22, 2018

Face of Hypocrisy: Mira Sorvino rape enabler

Maybe it's her breast implants talking but Mira Sorvino has disowned her work with Woody Allen.

She says she's sorry for Dylan Farrow (who claims she was molested by Woody Allen when she was seven-years-old, though the investigators who looked into the matter all those years ago concluded that Dylan was not molested by anyone).

Mira as fake as her new tits.

If you doubt it, please note Mira will never work with Woody Allen again because of Dylan's questionable accusation.

But she's doing a new series, CONDOR, with William Hurt.

That would be the same William Hurt who battered Marlee Matlin.  He raped and beat her.

From Amy Zimmerman (THE DAILY BEAST):

On what ought to have been one of the happiest nights of her life, Matlin recalls sitting next to Hurt in their limo with the Academy Award statuette by her side, only to be berated by the actor. According to Matlin, Hurt, who had been dreading the possibility of Matlin winning the prestigious award, turned to her and asked, “What makes you think you deserve it?” He continued, “There are hundreds of actors who have worked for years for the recognition you just got handed to you. Think about that.”

Matlin’s memoir alleges that the Oscar-winning actor physically abused and sexually assaulted her. In one particularly horrific passage, Matlin remembers an incident that took place while Hurt was filming Broadcast News (he would later be nominated for an Academy Award for his performance). Hurt “finally came home around 4:30 A.M. drunk and woke me up,” Matlin writes. “The next thing I knew he’d pulled me out of the bed, screaming at me, shaking me. I was scared, I was sobbing. Then he threw me on the bed, started ripping off his clothes and mine. I was crying. ‘No, no, no. Please Bill, no.’ The next thing I remember is Bill ramming himself inside me as I sobbed.”
[. . .]

In 1989, the actor was engulfed in a minor scandal due to a palimony trial. According to reports at the time, Hurt’s ex Sandra Jennings alleged that she and the actor had lived together as common-law husband and wife, which therefore entitled her to half of his estimated $10 million in assets. The Chicago Tribune reported that Jennings, who met the actor in 1981, alleged that Hurt employed “violent physical and verbal” abuse against her. She also claimed that he “smashed her across the face” only five days after the birth of their child. She was allegedly holding their son at the time of the beating. Jennings also cited Hurt’s abuse of Marlee Matlin, which she reportedly learned about from her son. Jennings alleged that during visits, her son witnessed Hurt kicking his live-in girlfriend. Hurt denied ever hitting Jennings. 

So rape and abuse doesn't really matter to Mira after all.

She'll grand stand -- wobbling back and forth due to those huge implants -- but it doesn't mean a damn thing because she'll gladly work with William Hurt who has a record of beating women and who raped Marlee Matlin.

Remember that the next time Mira tries to play the role of big breasted Social Justice Warrior -- remember that, like her breasts, everything about Mira is fake.

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