Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Death threats?

This is a repost of a piece Ava and C.I. did last week at THE COMMON ILLS.

Death threats? Maybe they're 'jokes' (Ava and C.I.)

Drama queen and hacktress Kathy Griffin crossed a line earlier this week.

We ignored it.

We had other things to talk about and cover.

But we're commenting now.

She held a press conference blaming everyone but herself.

We don't give a damn whether she got paid for the photo shoot or not.

Nor are we surprised that the failed actress did not get paid for it.

We were surprised by the photos -- all those lines around her lips and chin.

How bad is it?

If they remake RAWHIDE, she should audition, she should really go for it.

Her face, like her career, is a train wreck.

But there she was, drawing attention to it at the press conference as she cried and boo-hooed.

She is the one who, earlier this week, held up a bloody mask of a sitting president.

She thought that was funny.

People disagreed.

She apologized.

And then today she whined like a little brat.

Today, she and her attorney wanted the world to know that Barron Trump (an 11-year-old child) was "allegedly" upset by her actions.

"Allegedly," her attorney Lisa Bloom insisted.

Okay, you've already traumatized a child and now you want to debate it?

You weren't sincere in your apology.

You crossed a line and now you're paying for it.

GRAB A CLUE, the bulk of the Democratic celebs have repeatedly been crossing the line.

Not the left.

On the left, we focus on issues.

But cry babies who can't get over the election think the thing to do is to antagonize half the country.

And they each try to push it further and further.

Kathy is to blame for what she did.

No one else.

And this time, she went so far out with her hatred that it went beyond Donald Trump supporters.

Jake Tapper (CNN) called her out.  CNN dropped her as their co-host on New Year's Eve.

Those are the breaks, Kathy.

Stop being a baby and own what you did.

She can't so she invents this conspiracy of White men out to get her.

That's not accountability.

She is not being persecuted.

She is getting a response she courted.

She was not being 'political.'

She even went beyond partisan.

She offended a lot of people.

That's on her.

And to now try to cast doubt on an 11-year-old boy?

Yes, we know, she insists that Donald Trump lies about everything so he may be lying about his son being traumatized.

If there's even a chance that you're ugly 'joke' upset an 11-year-old kid, leave him the hell out of your attempts to justify your actions.

And as for the death threats she says she's receiving?

Maybe they're jokes -- you know, the way she says holding up a bloody head that looked like Donald Trump's was just a joke.

She needs to own what she did.

She surely needs to shut up about an 11-year-old child.

-- Ava and C.I.

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