Monday, April 03, 2017

Tina Nag Hag Fey (Dona)

Tina Fey: America's Sour-Heart

Tina Fey thought the way to fund raise for the ACLU over the weekend was to attack.  Even BUSTLE was dismayed.

She attacked White women who voted for Donald Trump.

What is her job again?

Oh, right, making people laugh.

She's never been very good at that job, has she?

She starred in and steered the 30 minute show 30 ROCK for seven seasons.

Did you watch?

Probably not.

No one even watched in syndication which is why it's already disappeared across the country.

But when it was still in production, its best year was season three where, riding high on the press for her SNL Sarah Palin impression, the show hit a 'record' slot of 69.  The 69th most watched show?

That's success?

That's not even the punch line to a dirty joke.

Season six saw the series hit an all time low, the 130th most watched show on network TV.

There's a reason the show failed in syndication: It failed in original airings as well.

Tina's not a movie star.

BABY MAMA was popular but not a blockbuster.

SISTERS was even worse.  $89 million domestically in ticket sales.

She followed that up with the unfunny comedy WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT which bombed.

So she's bombed on TV and she's bombed on the big screen.

Maybe she should face reality and start attempting to do her actual job: Be funny?

On the left, we don't need her politics.

They're muddled and pro-war (and much more conservative than the few fans she has would ever guess).

And who someone votes for is really not her business.

She is responsible for her own vote, that's all.

And she has no business castigating anyone based on how they voted or if they voted.  It's honestly none of her business.

And for those on the left who don't get how conservative her politics are: She blamed women.

She called out women.

Most Trump voters were male.

But she called out women.  She blamed women.

How very 'progressive' of her.


Illustration is Isaiah's THE WORLD TODAY JUST NUTS "Tina Fey: America's Sour-Heart."

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