Monday, April 03, 2017


. Instagram: "Remembering our unannounced trip to Iraq in 2009."

How could we forget his trip to Iraq?

It was his only trip there in eight years as president.

Barack Obama should be stripped of his laughable Nobel Peace Prize -- awarded before he did a thing.

Not that he did a thing.

He 'ended' the Iraq War in 2011 -- only to restart it.

Which, by the way, we warned you about in November of 2007 with 'NYT: "Barack Obama Will Keep Troops In Iraq"' where we took the raw transcript of a NEW YORK TIMES interview with Barack to show you how they should have written the story.  Key passage in terms of this editorial:

The senator also admitted that he was comfortable with sending troops back into Iraq after what he's terming a "withdrawal" though he wanted to split hairs on what constituted "armed force."  

And that's exactly what he did.

He restarted the Iraq War.

He was and remains King of the Fake Asses.

And until The Cult of St. Barack can call him out, they're as dishonest as the neocons who cheered on the Iraq War back in 2002.

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