Monday, April 03, 2017

Doomed to failure

That's the laughable 'resistance' and they have no one to blame but themselves.

They embrace idiots and liars.

Rosa Brooks is such a disgrace.

First off, the Tillerson eye contact rumor has already been shot down by AP.

Second of all, Rosa's infamous for advocating for the licensing of journalists.

Third, she's accomplished nothing with her life.

Her mother -- noted anti Hillary Clinton writer Barbara Ehrenreich -- will always have NICKLED AND DIMED as a credit.


A freelance columnist for THE LOS ANGELES TIMES once upon a time.

A supposed anti-Iraq War voice who went to work for Michele Flournoy at the Defense Department.

A supposed feminist in Barack Obama's first administration who never spoke out against the sexism in the administration.

She's the resistance?

She's just another nobody who made a career for herself off the backs of her parents.

Meanwhile, it was left to her mother Barbara to note reality (in THE GUARDIAN) right before the 2016 election:

On the liberal left, tragically, we do not have Bernie Sanders, who would have dispatched Trump’s populist pretensions with a wrist flick. But no, representing the side of tolerance, good government and cosmopolitanism, we have the very epitome of Democratic party elitism, a woman who labeled half of Trump’s supporters “deplorables”, a politician who is so robotic that any efforts to analyze her motives risk the charge of anthropomorphism. Consider her statement on the Standing Rock occupation in North Dakota, which could have been issued by an unmanned typewriter. As soldiers and police bore down on the protesters, she urged all parties – tribal peoples and the pipeline company that threatens their culture and habitat – “to find a path forward that serves the broadest public interest”.

What the laughable resistance can't face is the reality that Barbara Ehrenreich "With either Clinton or Trump, we will be left to choke on our mutual revulsion."

The son also rises?

Well the untalented daughter repeatedly fails.

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