Wednesday, August 03, 2016

TV: Don't get MAD, get funny

"You are watching MAD TV" -- to which we used to respond: Why?

But then it went off the air.

Along came a 20th anniversary special last January (on THE CW instead of FOX) . . .


and now it's a summer show.

And the biggest surprise?

It's funny.

It's actually funny.

As the show went on and on, it became less and less funny.

It's back with a new cast -- past regulars frequently guest star -- and it's hilarious.

Not hilarious in a SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE way.

No, this isn't two laughs in a full episode.

This is one funny sketch after another.

Maybe SNL should ditch their entire cast and start over?

It's shocking to watch either of the first two episodes of the MAD TV reboot and compare either to any episode of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE this past season.

It's also something of a revelation to watch a political skit that skews everyone.

SNL's spent so much time slamming Republicans with a hammer while swatting Democrats with a Kleenex, it's made the point of any sketch electing a candidate.

That's not comedy.

Too often, SNL -- a supposed national show -- plays like a bad comedy set intended for a get out the vote rally in Flushing Queens.


A hilarious sketch about a college student show from New Hampshire University entitled Safe Space hosted by Wolfgang and Pandora.  They attempt to discuss topics in the news.

Jahri explains, "Stop.  Okay.  Hillary Clinton is a trigger for me.  Her microagressions leave me in a total state of unempowerfication."

Other triggers included Donald Trump, oceans, washing machines and depression.

The entire cast is wonderful but special applause has to go to Lyric Lewis and Adam Ray who've created memorable characters in a number of skits already.

If you're not watching, you're missing a great cast and solid laughs.

In fact, the only one who should be irritated is Lorne Michaels -- MAD TV's proved a sketch show can offer more than two laughs a broadcast.

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