Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Jill Stein Tweets

At this month's Green Party national convention (in Houston), Jill Stein is expected to be named the party's presidential candidate.

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    Honored to announce human rights champion Ajamu Baraka as my VP running mate!
  2. Excited to head to Houston for the national convention!
  3. We heard that the U.S. is bombing Libya. More of the same from Obama's admin: war, and then more war to clean up the war they initiated.
  4. Awesome energy for & the Green Party tonight in Minnesota! Let's crush the 2 party system.
  5. Thank you to my 200k Twitter followers 🙌 Share with your friends, sign up to volunteer, & donate. 🌎
  6. This election has been the biggest circus of corruption I ever seen. Ive switched to the Green Party & will be voting for 100%.
  7. No more disastrous Dem-GOP militarism! Green foreign policy is based on int'l law & human rights. Peace is possible!

  8. Mass incarceration is just a new way of perpetuating the horrible Jim Crow. Let's help end it by releasing all non-violent drug "offenders".
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