Wednesday, August 03, 2016

10 Underrated Heart Tracks

kicking and dreaming

Heart is a seminal rock band that's racked up a huge string of hits.  Their 70s work has enough distance to it that so much of it is easily seen as classic.  But their work from the 80s through today also includes a lot of classics.

Ignoring the songs during that period that made the top forty since they've already been recognized, here's ten tracks we think we'll be seen as classic Heart in decades to come.

1) "Dear Old America"

2) "Up On Cherry Blossom Road"

3) "Walkin' Good"

4) "Rage"

5) "Nobody Home"

6) "The Perfect Goodbye"

7) "Easy Target"

8) "Red Velvet Car"

9) "Move On"

10) "Wheels"

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