Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Jill Stein Tweets

Jill Stein is seeking the Green Party's presidential nomination.

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    Let's show Greens are just as fun as Libertarians! Ask her to interview me:
  2. spoke in St Louis today & then joined the ballot access team to gather signatures in Forest Park.

  3. We could use your help! Check out some specialized volunteer opportunities at
  4. We've bailed out the bankers. Now we need to bail out the students by abolishing student debt and providing free college.
  5. The corporate oligarchs have two parties. It's time we had one of our own. 🌳 Sign up to help build a people's party:
  6. ⏰ The clock is ticking on the next Wall Street collapse, climate meltdown, expanding wars, etc. Stand up with conviction while we still can.
  7. The people making up the economy should decide how the economy works. ✊🏼 That is what economic democracy looks like.
  8. I'm excited about America because people are learning about the candidate for President 💚

  9. It's past time to extend democracy to our economy. Economic democracy must replace the economic dictatorship of the wealth-owning class.
  10. Happy to all persons in our country... except "corporate persons." & take back our elections.
  11. We need to overhaul our elections: campaign finance reform, proportional representation, ranked choice voting, & guaranteed right to vote.
  12. The founders’ fear on the dangers of a standing army were discarded after WWII, leading to world's largest war machine--needing constant war
  13. To move forward towards a more just democracy, we must also address the historical injustices of slavery as well as Native American genocide
  14. The 1st American revolution failed to create democracy. It reserved voting power to the privileged few, mainly white male property owners.
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