Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Editorial: Independence for whom?

Iraq's Fallujah is liberated, now what?

Shouldn't that have been the question before the 'liberation' of Falluja began?

Yet again, 'lean forward' is actually revealed to be ass backwards.

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And when the lack of planning doesn't magically fix anything, well just toss some more troops on it, right?

The illegal war started badly (and illegally) and it continues badly (and illegally).

More troops.

And more weapons.

In fact, the White House is extending billions in credit to Iraq to purchase more weapons.

To fight the Islamic State?

Or to control the Iraqi people?

More and more, it seems the latter.

The US installed this government of exiles which rules over the Iraqi people and wastes the people's money.

As protests against corruption become a regular staple of daily life, the White House appears to be attempting to ensure it's puppet regime, this modern day Shah, remains in power.

If Iraqis ever got a taste of democracy, maybe it would take root.

Maybe it wouldn't.

But as the US government repeatedly decides who will be prime minister, as it nullifies election results (see the 2010 national elections), it appears very clear that what the Iraqi people are rejecting is being a client state of the United States.

Can you blame them?

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