Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Film Classics of the 20th Century

In this ongoing series on film classics of the last century, we've looked at TEA WITH MUSSOLINITHE LATE SHOW, SUMMER STOCKTHE FULLER BRUSH GIRL,  The Net,  Your Friends & Neighbors,  Shampoo,  The Player,  Dick Tracy,  How To Marry A Millionaire,  Blow OutYou Only Live TwiceSleeper,  Diamonds Are Forever,  Sleepless In Seattle,  My Little Chickadee,  Tootsie,  After Hours,  Edward ScissorhandsChristmas in Connecticut, Desk Set,  When Harry Met Sally . . .,  Who Done It?,  That Darn Cat!,  Cactus Flower,  Family Plot, House Sitter,  and Outrageous Fortune.   Film classics are the films that grab you, even on repeat viewings, especially on repeat viewings.


"I'm not perverted.  I get good grades.  I go to church.  I'm a cheerleader," insists Natasha Lyonne in the 1999 comedy BUT I'M A CHEERLEADER.

Jamie Babbit directs the film about Lyonne's cheerleader Megan who is sent to a conversion camp when her parents suspect her of being a lesbian.


It's at the camp that Megan realizes she is a lesbian . . . and also where she finds love with Graham (Clea DuVall)

In 1999, this comedy was edgy.

Society's fortunately moved on enough that conversion camps are rebuked even by a sitting president (Barack Obama, to his credit).

But the comedy remains hilarious with scenes where Mike (RuPaul in male drag) attempts to teach teenage boys to act in more stereotypical masculine ways.


It's also the only film where Eddie Cibrian has come across as a full bodied character -- Rock, the son of camp founder Mary.


Lyonne, RuPaul, Clea DuVall, Eddie Cibrian  -- those are only a few cast members.

Bud Cort, Cathy Moriarty, Michelle Williams, Mink Stole, Julie Delpy, Ione Sky, Katharine Towne and (below) Michelle Williams.


This is a 20th century film classic and, good news, 16 years later, director Jamie Babbitt reteamed with Natasha Lyonne to make another comedy classic ADDICTED TO FRESNO (currently streaming on HULU).

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