Sunday, May 01, 2016

TV: The sickos that run and ruin ABC

Claire Warren is such a conniving and controlling politician, she makes Hillary Clinton look spontaneous.  And she's at the center of ABC's ratings challenged drama THE FAMILY.

Joan Allen plays the character which should be a good thing.


And, in fairness, Joan Allen delivers a truly epic performance as a politician who uses the murder of her son to further her political career -- the way some might argue a certain First Lady used her husband's affair to ride into the US Senate.

But then Claire's son turns up alive.

So she has to recalibrate her latest campaign.

Then it turns out that he's not her son and her big concern is the DNA test that was faked and what it's going to cost her as she continues to pretend the boy is her son.

If Joan Allen's not the problem, maybe it's Andrew McCarthy?

The star of such films as ST. ELMO'S FIRE, WEEKEND AT BERNIE'S, MANNEQUIN, PRETTY IN PINK, CLASS, FRESH HORSES, etc. isn't necessarily seen as an actor who does drama.

But Andrew isn't the problem.  He's perfectly convincing as Hank.

But Hank's the problem.

And Claire.

And Willa.

And . . .

Jenna Bans created this show and she's the real problem.

Whatever she learned in ShondaLand and, before that, as DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES flew out the window when she thought up this TV series.

And what was ABC thinking putting it on Sunday nights -- after the Ode to Disney that is ONCE UPON A TIME?

Not only does the series revolve around a politician -- an iffy character in the best of times -- but you've got Andrew McCarthy's Hank who not only went to prison for the 'murder' of Claire's son but who is also a child molester.

In fact, he's one of two child molesters in the show.

He's the good one.

You read that right.

He's the good one.

The series also features a bad pedophile.

On the heels of ABC's high profile failure WICKED CITY comes THE FAMILY and the question really is: How sick are the execs at ABC?

What exactly do they think people want to watch?

There's an aspect of THE FAMILY that plays out like an advertisement for pedophilia.

Exactly what large audience was supposed to sign up for that narrative?

ABC has yet again confused depravity with entertainment.

And the sickness includes a young male hooking up with his pedophile to inform him of details like "They know your name."

How did they believe this show was going to deliver an audience?

On REVENGE -- which pulled in better numbers on Sundays, you could root for Emily (Emily VanCamp) as she tried to avenge her father and you also had true and pure Jack (Nick Wechsler).

Who do you root for in this TV show?

The politician who lies to everyone (even her husband doesn't know Adam isn't their son or that their son Adam is really dead)?

The pedophile who figures out who the real killer is?

Maybe the daughter who lied to her own mother about the dead son?

This is not brave story telling, it's just a middle finger to the audience.

And guess what?

The audience can flip the bird as well.

And week after week, that's just what they've done.

ABC should be firing more than a few people over the programming decisions made last fall and this spring.

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