Sunday, May 01, 2016

Jill Stein's not laughing

President Barack Obama fancies himself a comedian.

And 'jokes' about 'killing'?

He thinks that's funny.

He and his braying hyenas thought so much was funny.

Jill Stein's not laughing.

And neither should you be.

She's seeking the Green Party's 2016 presidential nomination and below is her Twitter reaction to Barack and the White House Correspondents Dinner held Saturday.

  • Time to turn the O-press, Re-press and De-press into Free-press.

  • would make me laugh if only the joke wasn't on us.

  • Hey , now that you're high again maybe you should consider legalizing marijuana?

  • Least funny joke that couldn't be told at the : Corporate control of the Press is no laughing matter.

  • As president you won't hear jokes at about drone programs. Why? Because unlike my predecessor I won't have my own personal kill list.

  • I heard I got a mention at the , when I'm standing in that spot I'll make sure to invite less of the oligarchy.

  • A war profiteer, a climate wrecker, and a predatory bankster walk into a bar.... 🎤

  • Comedy can be a beautiful way to deal with tragedy. But when jokes are made by abusers at the victims expense it's not funny at all.

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