Monday, April 25, 2016

Jill Stein

Jill Stein was the 2012 Green Party presidential candidate.  She'd like to be the 2016 candidate.  (That race is ongoing.)   

  • The Seven Kingdoms need a to mobilize the economy immediately against the coming climate catastrophe.

  • Our campaign supports every one of these positions. ✌️ We can't say the same for many others.

  • Winter is coming to Westeros? Green Party has been saying we need to get serious about for decades.

  • Charles Koch likes the Clintons because they have served him well. Another sign the corporate parties have realigned into one.

  • But it happened. We have to ask ourselves why? Charles has quite a vested interest in this election ($1bn) Hillary.

  • Why does our country force young people who want an education to become indentured servants to Wall Street? Let's

  • I agree with Charles Koch about Trump & fascism. But didn’t find Koch’s father provided fuel for Hitler?

  • No surprise Charles Koch likes . The oligarchy parties are merging! Time for a party truly of the people.

  • "Upload: a 2-party system. The lesser of two dangers, illusion of choice. Red and blue, nothing to do, no voice." - 💜

  • Bankers get bailouts for ruining lives. Students get debt for trying to further theirs. Corporate politics must end this year.

  • In 2016, corporate campaign donations apparently even pay for "digital media specialists" that troll everyone online. For real, Hillary?

  • Democracy needs a moral compass. Do not be intimidated to vote against your values.

  • it stopped acting like corporate media that ignores alternative parties... and ✔️ my account, .

  • There's a generation rising that sees beyond just individual issues towards broad systemic change. Welcome to the fight for the greater good

  • Presidential used to be run by League of Women Voters. Now theyre run by the DNC/RNC.

  • Stop immediately. 🌏 Our sustainable future is in energy sources like solar ☀️& wind 💨.

  • We are facing a climate catastrophe--nothing less. Those in denial & those slowed by corporate money must not win. This is our only planet.

  • Making higher education free is not only the right thing to do, it just makes good economic sense. Join my call:
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