Monday, April 25, 2016

Grammar Police Officer Debra Messing

Debra Messing stars on NBC's ratings challenged THE MYSTERIES OF LAURA (one of the few shows NBC has yet to announce it's renewing).

Apparently, she's preparing for a possible cancellation and has decided that, should that happen, she'll become a Grammar Police Officer.

Oh yes. Nothing like a Woman calling HRC a whore.

It's not misogynist to call Hillary Clinton a "whore."

If you use the term whore to apply to those who sell out -- as we do here -- it has nothing to do with misogyny.

We've used the term here over and over and probably applied it more to Tom Hayden than any other person.

A whore is a whore.

If Debra doesn't know the meaning of the word, that's on her ignorant ass.


We think it was best explained in the best memoir of the '00s, Janis Ian's Society's Child,

Check it out, if you haven't already.

Janis Ian Best of

And if you're new to Janis, try checking out BEST OF JANIS IAN: THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY COLLECTION (above, Kat reviewed it here).

Janis is an artist.

A real one.

And she's someone with integrity -- in her art and in her life.

Early on, she wrote "Society's Child."

This song about an interracial couple was seen as shocking to a number of people in the sixties.

No one could deny its melody or its strong chorus.

No one could deny Janis' passionate vocal.

But it struggled with airplay.

And the devil soon appeared, as Janis explains in her book,  "I can guarantee you a number one record. Just change 'black' to anything else.  I thought about it for around two seconds; then our friend looked at me and said, 'You whore now, you'll whore forever.' Strong words for a fifteen-year-old to hear, but they made sense."

Janis Ian doesn't whore.

She's demonstrated it repeatedly.

She's refused to sell out and she's remained true to herself and true to her art.

Janis is the real deal.

Debra's a little fool.

And in 2008, check the archives, we called out sexism against Hillary, against Cynthia McKinney and against Sarah Palin.

We care about sexism and we proved it.

The objection to "whore" is just another way for the Clinton campaign to try to control the narrative -- that's not how political speech works.

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