Sunday, November 10, 2013

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And what did we come up with?

A great report on Iraq.  Do you know how rare that is?
And when it rains . . . we get two great reports on Iraq in one week.
Like the violence in Iraq, waiting for the Iraq Inquiry's report will apparently never end.
Ava and C.I. wrote that this morning.  It posted after 60 Minutes aired.  I (Jim) justified the delay by saying this way they could see if what was said on air matched what they were being told.  They pointed out that if the edition keeps going so long, they're going to find other things to do.

Stan.  When we started this series, The Parent Trap was raised by him.  And we've not done this feature in months despite him raising this title every week.  We had other things to work on and were planning to get to it.  We finally did.  We have others in this series.  What's the delay?  Honestly, screen snaps.  Ava and C.I. agreed to do them this week.  When they did, for fund they included numerous snaps of Canoe and noted how he could be the prototype for Two and a Half Men.  We liked it and included it.

This popular feature will continue.  We've got next week's lined up.  We were going to use it this edition but Trina brought this to the table this weekend and it was suggested to her by Sonya.
We were most productive when listening to The Cowboy Junkies this edition so we figured we'd do a piece on this very under rated group.

Iraq protesters.
Jody Watley dances back onto the charts.
They keep telling us Ed did wrong but all Ed did was expose wrong doing.
We're using C.I.'s list that she did at The Common Ills.

Press release from Senator Patty Murray's office.
Press release from US House Rep Jeff Miller's office.
Press release from US House Rep Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.  We've covered up part of the illustration with blue.  For those wondering, the blue covers up "man" in "Congresswoman."  We wanted to include her district but to have included her first name would have meant her face wouldn't show unless we made the image much smaller.  So we cut it that way.  Then we saw that "man" was in it.  And we didn't want anyone to think we were slamming her or making some joke or some other nonsense.  So we just photo shopped it to put blue over "man."
Repost from Socialist Worker.

Mike and the gang wrote this and we thank them for it.

That's what we've got to share this week.


-- Jim, Dona, Ty, Jess, Ava and C.I.

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