Sunday, November 10, 2013

From The TESR Test Kitchen


We're not talking coffee, we're talking tea.

Specifically Country Time's tea.


Country Time is known for it's lemonade mix.  It's a dry powder you mix with water.  They have plain lemonade, they has pink lemonade, they have strawberry lemonade and they have Half-and-Half.

Half-and-Half is half lemonade, half tea.

And you really have to taste it to believe it.

To taste quickly, add a tray of ice cubes to the pitcher along with cold water.

But, be prepared, your pitcher will empty quickly because this drink is just too good to sit in the fridge.

This is a unique taste that's not tea with a splash of lemon or lemonade with tea tossed in.  You really have to taste it yourself to see how good it is.

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