Sunday, March 06, 2011

How bad are the movies these days?

How bad are the movies these days? In an attempt to offer some sort of praise, Leonard Maltin hailed Matt Damon's performance in The Adjustment Bureau as "completely credible." Yes, that's what we've come to, an actor wins 'praise' for being credible -- excuse us, completely credible.

No, that wasn't how it always was.

"Did you see Sophie's Choice?" "Oh, yeah! Meryl Streep, completely credible. In fact, whole movie, credible."

Or how about, "Jack Nicholson's breakthrough performance in Easy Rider? Completely credible."

In June 2010, we did a parody which included, "Now let me come up with my pull quote for this review: Sex in the City? Golly, even the original cast of Star Trek got put out to pasture for the reboot!"

And yet they're rebooting. And the front runner to play 30-something Carrie? 23-year-old Blake Lively.

Not to be Jonah in Knocked Up (deleted scene where he's watching Brokeback Mountain) but if the film industry had any real guts right now, they'd be tipping some sacred cows.

For example.

Mary Pops Back


Illustration is Isaiah's The World Today Just Nuts "Mary Pops Back"

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