Sunday, March 06, 2011

And we did find out

Last week's "And the Oscar should have gone to . . ." concluded with, "Will this year be another 2009 (boo) or 2010 (incredible)? We'll find out tonight."

And we did find out.

Academy Awards

The Anne Hathaway and James Franco hosted event was excruciating. Agonizing, awkward and embarrassing.

For just a moment, pretend that Anne Hathaway solo hosted (and for many watching Franco stumble around on stage stoned, she did solo host). Same lines, same delivery, the next day's reviews would have been: "Hathaway A Trouper, Hathaway Shows Spirit." No one would consider her one of the best hosts in Academy history by any means but they would have noted she was a good sport.

James Franco's damn lucky he wasn't hosting solo because, as bad as he was, that would have been even worse. Lacking humor, charisma or even the ability to try, Franco, in the span of a few brief hours, quickly became the worst host in history.
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