Sunday, October 24, 2010

Politics: Who will they attack next?

Barack Undocumented?

Explain the above to us, because we're confused. As we read this flyer sent out by the Texas State Democratic Executive Committee, we're seeing that poster on the stick with Barack's picture implying that he wasn't born in this country.

Is that right?

We're not understanding how promoting that rumor (which we believe is false) is helpful to either the election or to Barack himself.

Who approved this flier?

Early last week, we thought this would be a political edition. And among the ideas we tossed around was one from Dallas about the political advertisements he's receiving. Looking them over, we agreed they were disturbing.

Take the one below, still from the Texas State Democratic Party. Note the picture of American people.


Presumably, they are conservatives. Maybe not all, but presumably the bulk are. They're still Americans. Help us out on this, because we're confused: When did American people become "the enemies"?

Okay, the Nazis? Yeah, we can understand that. But the American people? Enemies? Just because they vote differently?

This is how you build a winning campaign?
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