Sunday, October 24, 2010

John Anthony La Pietra

This is from the campaign of Green Party candidate John Anthony La Pietra:

John Anthony La Pietra for
Fairer, Better Elections
Secretary of State * Green Party
386 Boyer Court * Marshall, MI 49068

News Release: October 20, 2010

La Pietra Posts Status of Responses from County Clerks
to Request for Voting-Conditions Survey Information
UPDATE: A Dozen More Counties Heard From -- Only 24 Still Silent
on Precinct Lists, Polling Places, or How Many Voters Registered

After yesterday's reminders and last night's news release, a number of county clerk's offices have contacted John Anthony La Pietra -- the Green Party of Michigan’s candidate for Secretary of State -- today with information on how many voters are registered in each precinct in their counties, and where the polling places are.

John has now heard from 59 out of 83 counties -- and 50 of them have already provided all the information he asked for in a copy-and-paste-able format as he requested, so he can use it to develop a statewide precinct database for his Survey of Voting Conditions.

One more county may also have sent John full information, but he hasn’t looked at the file yet because that county proposed to charge him for it. John points out two reasons why no fee would be appropriate:

* There is no copying cost involved, since the information
is being sent electronically.

* And the clerks would be assembling and using this same
information themselves at this time to plan and prepare
for the election: deciding how many ballots to buy for
each precinct, writing the required Notice of Election
advertisements and having them published, and so on.
So giving John the information too doesn't involve
any unreasonable added labor costs.

"Besides," he adds, "the survey is being done for the general benefit of the public -- and I've pledged to release the results to the public and give them to the new Secretary of State, if it isn't me. So any fees that might otherwise be justified should be waived."

Voters who want to know how their clerks have responded to this request so far can see an updated status report on John's campaign Website at

John's initial request to the clerks is also on line, at

And a copy of the survey sheet for individual voters to take with them to the polls November 2 is posted at

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