Sunday, October 24, 2010

Atika Shubert on AssMatch

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Atika Shubert
on AssMatch since July 2000

a shubert

Occupation: Media Whore

Favorite song: "H.W.C." by Liz Phair

Favorite non-porn film: The Ruling Class

Favorite film period: Sometimes I think it's a toss up between Rezko Films' Barrack's Big Stimulus Package and Sasha Grey's amazing work in Throat: A Cautionary Tale but then the auteur in me insist nothing will ever top Silwa Reality Productions' Pissing Babes.

Favorite non-porn film quote: "You were fornicating lovers! Sperm dancers!"

Favorite film quote period: "I don't know where a f**king bike trail is. I just want to get ass f**ked. Do you guys think you can help me?"

Favorite scent: DKN Scat for Hookers

Favorite position: Prone

Fun things and likes: Focusing on the tree to ignore the forest.
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