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When Coward met Zirin . . .

One of the claims put forward by non-Democrats who posed as Democrats during the 2008 Democratic Party primaries was that if Hillary Clinton were to win the nomination (which meant winning the presidency, it was already seen as a Democratic year), the country would be caught up in all these struggles "just like when Bill was president!" They'd act so concerned. They'd swear that it wasn't anything against Hillary, they just didn't want the drama.

No, they weren't so stupid that they thought the Christ-child's elevation to the White House would mean world peace, they just spun it that way to eliminate Hillary and we need to again note that when Hillary Clinton or any other Democratic politician is being judged, people have a right to know by what standard.

hillary in kenya

Hillary Clinton is and was immensely popular. She brought in tons of money for the Democratic Party throughout this decade. She was and is a powerhouse.


With whom?

With Democrats?

Hell no. She won the support of Democrats in the primary.

But Hillary's never been popular with Socialists and Communists who blame her for whatever their politics tell them Bill Clinton did wrong.

Is it fair to blame a spouse for what their partner does? No.

In fact, it's sexist. But that's so very much of the left these days.

Take Coward Zinn.

Take him off to an old folk's home and deny him telephone privileges because he's told enough lies for one lifetime.


Sexist Coward Zinn is interviewed in the current edition of International Socialist Worker by Dave Zirin. It's not a pretty picture.

In one of the elderly lunatic's more senior moments, he gushes, "But I wouldn’t have welcomed any first African American, right? What if Clarence Thomas were running for president? No. But Barack Obama? Very decent guy. Articulate, intelligent, and with a wife who's very politically savvy and charming and all of that besides."

1) Barack is not "African-American." You can call him "African American" (no hyphen) but he is bi-racial. An alleged historian should grasp that. A so-called 'progressive' should know history marches forward and how racist his comment will sound in only ten years.

2) Coward labels Barack "African-American" and then is impressed that he's "articulate" and, golly, we're remembering the uproar when Joe Biden made similar remarks in 2007. Aren't you?

3) "a wife who's very politically savvy and charming and all of that besides."

What a whore. If Coward goes into the hospital anytime soon and slips into a coma, we'll gladly pay to have his plug pulled. He is a disgrace.

Michelle Obama is Laura Bush without a bra. (All the talk about her "shorts" recently had little to do with her shorts which were a poor choice. It had more to do with the fact that she didn't wear a bra and you could see her nipples through her shirt as she deboarded the plane.) She's not politically savvy and she plays "housewife". But that's who a sexist f**k like Coward Zinn raves over.

No surprise, kids.

No surprise at all.

Other than closeted-Communist Alice Walker, what living woman does Coward rave over? Or even acknowledge? None. Never.

But don't think he ignores women. In the midst of raving over Barack and Stepford Wife Michelle, Coward Zinn finds time to chill-ax:

And Hillary Clinton? She voted for the war! She basically has a militarist point of view. She is so over the top on her support for Israel that she doesn't have a balanced view of the Israeli-Palestinian situation. So, she shouldn't be secretary of state. I'd remove her immediately.

Yes, he is a demented soul and probably people should have been told he wasn't "progressive" a long, long time ago. But as we've told you -- for a long, long time now -- "progressive" is a term used by pundits who are not Democrats or liberals.

Rahm Emanuael runs the White House. But Coward Zinn's not interested in calling out Rahm, is he? Nope. Rahm voted for the 2002 measure (which some insist was not a vote for the war -- and they're correct to a degree because neither Congress nor the United Nations authorized the Iraq War). Rahm's very close to the government in Israel. But Coward's screaming at Hillary. Old Man Zinn's got spittle running down his chin and his hair's askew as, in the midst of his senior moment, he has a seizure.

Coward hates women. Grasp it.

Admit it.

If you can't, we've got another section of the interview that should nail it down for you.

[Dave Zirin]: AND FOR folks who don't know, when Howard talks about teaching in Atlanta, he mentioned Spelman College -- that's a women’s college, and a historically Black college. And that leads to this: when were you first aware that there was such a thing as a women's movement, which you've written about, and that there were aspirations among women for equal rights and full citizenship in a profoundly sexist country?

[Howard Zinn]: THAT'S A very strong statement, Dave.

[Dave Zirin]: I'M SORRY.

[Howard Zinn]: I FORGIVE you. I think I first became aware of the women's movement when the women's movement emerged and women began acting out and speaking out. Although, I think I first became aware -- before it was a movement, I first became aware of the specific problems of women at Spelman College, because I had women students. A lot of these students came from very poor backgrounds, their parents were tenant farmers or janitors and so on, and they were the first kids to go to college. They would say to me, “My mother told me to remember: 'You're poor. And you're a woman. And you're Black. You've got three strikes against you. So keep that in mind.'" Which, when she said that to me, oh yeah, if you're a woman, that's a strike against you. And I hadn't really been thinking about it that way. And so, that's how we learn things, when we encounter people who teach us.

Asked about women's liberation, Coward's first impulse is to make a joke. Did you grasp that? That's his impulse. It's not his impulse when he's asked about Civil Rights. That's a serious topic to him but women's liberation isn't serious to him. When he finally stops guffawing, Old and Elderly Zinn reveals just how stupid he was and is. He was teaching at a woman's college. Meaning he was teaching at a gender segregated facility. In the sixties. And he's not aware that it might be a problem to be a woman?

Grasp too his word choice. Do you really think Coward Zinn would use "acting out" to refer to Black males engaged in the struggle? No, of course not. It's an insulting and belittling term and he only uses when he speaks of women.

Grasp as well that women don't interest him.

He is asked about women's liberation and he grows bored so quickly that he has to bring in race.

Race is an issue. And there is an intersection of race and gender. But Coward can't be bothered with exploring women's liberation because the topic bores him. So asked specifically (and at length) by Dave Zirin to comment on it, Coward makes a joke, then uses belittling phrases and then moves the topic over to race.

No, Coward Zinn is no friend of women.
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