Sunday, August 30, 2009

No health care plan but there are a bunch of liars


Don't let the word out but we've come across a presidential plan for health care in the United States.


We discovered that on a bookshelf. On one of our bookshelves actually.

It's The President's Health Security Plan.

And it's 278 pages of text.

That, boys and girls, is a plan for health care.

Now you can disagree with it. You can think it should have more of ___ or less of ___ or that it's all completely wrong. And if you do, we won't scream that you're "unAmerican" (the way that US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid did this month). We'll just assume that you disagree with the plan because it's not something you can support.

And that's okay.

We can thumb through the book together and we can have a discussion about the plan and figure out if there's anything a majority of people can agree on. And if there is, well, we can build on that.

Present us with a concrete proposal and we can weigh in and we can determine whether it's something we support or not and, based on that, can advocate for it or not.

But you have to do that first -- "that" being present us with a plan.

There is no plan for health care currently. The book, published in 1993, was the proposal made when Bill Clinton was president and it was published ahead of any scheduled vote.

Today, there is no plan for health care.

The House has several (different) bills and the Senate has its own bill that is not like the House bills. The White House tosses out a lot of words verbally but there's no plan on paper -- or at least, not on any paper that they're sharing with the American public.

Barack Obama promised he would have health care legislation passed in both houses of Congress and signed by him before the August recess.

Guess what?

Didn't happen.

And yet he and Congress have wasted the month (and networks have wasted airtime) encouraging people to support . . .

Well . . . not a plan. And it's too weak to call it a "concept."

A thought?

Barack wants you to support happy thoughts?

How very Peter Pan of him.

And there's a legion of Lost Boys out there who will do his work for him.

Take Lila Garrett who disgraced herself last Monday on KPFK's Connect The Dots where she raged at Republicans opposed to the health care plan(s) as reported by the press. (There is NO plan.) She insulted them as "barbarians" and as "the missing link" and crazies and it was just embarrassing to hear her spew non-stop.

US House Rep. Dennis Kucinich attempted an intervention, "I think the miscommunications and the town brawls that have occurred, I don't think it really reflects the desire of the American people for information. It reflects a lot of anger that's out there. I'd be careful about writing off all the anger as just the imagination of lunatics who've come to stir up trouble. I think you've got be we have to be aware that there are people out there that have lost their jobs, lost their retirement security, their investments and their health care and they're angry. And they're angry at a government that's given away tons of money to Wall St., that's let these bonuses fly that wealth's going to continue to be accelerated upwards. What in the world is this all about?"

"I'd be careful about writing off all the anger as just the imagination of lunatics who've come to stir up trouble," Kucinich cautioned. And for a few moments, Lila Garrett was semi-stable but then it was time to rage and snarl again.

You longed to hear the knock on the studio door and someone announce, "Miss DuBois, I think that may be Shep Huntleigh at the door," just before Lila Garrett's given a sedative and taken away.

Looks like they're going to need a whole bunch of sedatives. And a really big one for The Nation magazine's own Appaloosa.

Patricia Williams is nothing but a paid whore. Grasp it. Grasp that the spots on that ugly face of hers appear to have migrated to her brain. Using whatever prestige she thinks is left for her (mis)teaching at Columbia, the tired media whore acts as if "American's Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009" is the legislation or even "the bill" (she repeats "the bill" over and over, failing to note that this is one bill in the House and that there are others).

The spotted whore lopes to her final paragraph where she hisses:

This morning I saw a picture of President Obama dressed as Hitler, complete with little mustache, tacked high on a tree trunk. At first it seemed jaw-droppingly ridiculous, sociopathically paranoid. But if the rule of reversal is what's encoded in that image, all people of good will must worry that what's really at stake for some of our gun-toting, demagogic fellow citizens is nothing less than America's very own Weimar moment.

Poor, Professor Patti, ugly, stinky and a hypocrite. Professor Patti was too busy writing about imaginary French boys (presented by her as real) when Bush was being called Hitler. Suddenly, to call someone in the Oval Office "Hitler" is "jaw-droppingly ridiculous." What's jaw-dropping ridiculous is that this ignorant fool, who doesn't understand the first thing about the law (which is why she always avoids the topic) is allowed to teach at Columbia.

The one scared? Not the right-wing, it's spotted faced Patricia. It's the dumb ass who can't write worth s**t, can't stick to the facts and, honestly, has a personal odor that even offended friends on the set of Bill Moyers Journal when she appeared earlier this year.

"Patti, when we say you stink, we really mean you stink," say Ava and C.I.

The fact of the matter is that if there is an outcry over a non-plan, a lot of it is due to the lies and spinning of trash like Patti Williams. And Rachel Maddow. And Keith Olbermann and all the others whores who keep trying to get you to support something that DOES NOT EXIST.

They're surprised that it's so unpopular with Americans and the reason they're surprised is because candidate Barack Obama did NOT EXIST. He was nothing but platitudes and pretty words and he stood for nothing and he's delivered even less. But the whores managed to get his empty suit into the White House, now didn't they?

And they did that in part by screaming "racist" at the drop of a hat. When Barack finally leaves office, the bi-racial man's only 'accomplishment' may be having rendered the term "racist" obsolete by repeatedly encouraging his supporters to cry it.

Back in the real world, there is NO plan. No American has anything to support at present. So you should be asking yourself why so many people and organizations are whoring themselves out for a president? When they whored under Bully Boy Bush, we on the left found it disgraceful. The fact that Barack's now their pimp doesn't make it any less disgusting.
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