Sunday, August 30, 2009

Editorial: You can't drive on the left side of the road

I was a child in the sixties

And dreams could be held through TV

With Disney and Cronkite and Martin Luther

And I believed, I believed, I believed.

Now I am the back street driver from America

And I am not at the wheel of control

And I am guilty, I am war and I am the root of all evil

And, Lord, I can't drive on the left side of the road

-- "It's A Hard Life Wherever You Go," written by Nanci Griffith, first appears on her album Storms.

And, Lord, I can't drive on the left side of the road.

Not in the US. Apparently never in the US.

And we warned you.

Yeah, we'll say it: We told you so.

Starting in 2005, we began documenting the "Walk Away Renee"s from Iraq. We'd call them out and the reaction from readers was generally positive. A few would say, "So what! We have the online world!" We don't get those e-mails any more. After Ava and C.I. exposed Amy Goodman as the Goody Whore whoring it for Barack and addressed the bad clip-jobs she 'authored' with her husband/brother David Goodman (he's her brother but we do love those reviews that refer to them as "husband and wife team"), no one ever objected to calling out Goody and, in fact, we generally have around 300 e-mails each week outraged by Goody's latest silence.

You got played, America.

A wide contingent of pundits -- Democrats, Socialists and Communists -- weren't interested in ending the Iraq War, they just wanted to elect Democrats.

The Iraq War has not ended and is not ending any time soon. Barack is following George W. Bush's 'plan.' And where are the 'peace movement' 'leaders' objecting to that?

No where to be found. Communist Leslie Cagan has started snapping at people -- close friends -- who ask her, "Leslie, you're a Communist, why did you trade your integrity to pimp a Democratic Party candidate?"

We've explained many times before, Leslie is of the cowardly and closeted Communist faction. She won't work to build a Communist Party because she doesn't think one could be built or accomplish anything. So instead, she stays in the political closet and attempts to hijack an existing political party. What Leslie's doing isn't new. And a real history of the United States would establish that. But Socialist Howard Zinn can't even be honest above-ground about being a Socialist. You really think he can offer an honest history of the United States?

Peace Resister Katrina vanden Heuvel never gave a damn about the Iraq War as anything but a means to pump up votes for Democratic Party politicians. She's the epitome of the faux left Cold War Warrior. (Which is why, at the start of the Afghanistan War, she was scribbling bad pieces about how this, the Afghanistan War, was a big break for the left. Did you send a thank-you basket to the families of all the ones killed so the Dems could have 'a big break'?) People are always surprised that Democratic Party member Katrina (she's not a Communist or a Socialist, despite rumors) doesn't rush forward with blog posts or commentaries on Russia when it's in the news. That is her area of expertise. But they don't understand Katrina. She's dances the tightrope of acceptability and won't risk falling off. She'll never take a stand that's not already polling well with the American public and she never has. Sadly, this who leads The Nation magazine. Dems are in power -- control both houses of the Congress and the White House -- and Katty van-van's not interested in Iraq.

There's Matthew Rothschild, CEO of The Progressive, who is a Socialist. Of course, he waited until this year to tell you that (readers of this site knew it some time ago). A grown man running a political rag who can't tell you his political i.d.? How very sad. But Matty finally found the guts to step out of his closet and get honest. Too bad he couldn't do it while trying to influence a presidential election, right? If someone's endorsing a candidate, don't voters have a right to know the politics of the endorser?

And when you add all the Socialist and Communist pundits who pimped so hard for Barack (Laura Flanders for example), you start to wonder if the hatred that emerges when Barack's called a Socialist isn't really their own fear of being outed?

Barack's a Corporatist War Hawk. Since 2007, Ava and C.I. have refuted the claims that Barack was a Socialist. (And back then, kiddies, Communists and Socialists like Leslie Cagan and Carl Davidson were insisting in e-mail appeals to friends that Barack was a secret Socialist.) When "Socialist" is applied to Barack today, we tend to roll our eyes at most. But a huge faction of pundits on the left start foaming at the mouth.

And if you pay attention, you'll grasp those pundits on the left are not Democrats. And then you'll join us in wondering if they're just afraid of being outed?

They never gave a damn about Iraq, none of them.

They've pledged allegiance to Barack of the United States of America.

They're all in need of a new Joe Stalin and if this one is far to the right of Stalin (and who thought that was possible), so be it. They need a Big Daddy.

And Uncle Barack doesn't want to end the Iraq War, so they don't bother to cover it. When forced, they'll repeatedly insist that the Iraq War will end at the end of 2011.

And they'll pretend they're journalists.

Journalists do not say: "This will end in 2011."

That's because journalists report what happens. They don't offer predictions.

No one knows what will happen in 2011. What is known is that the Iraq War drags on and over 130,000 US troops remain in Iraq.

And the pundits of Panhandle Media can't be bothered.

So the Communist Collective of MADRE and Laura Flanders show up on her ugly show Grit TV last week to insist that the Iraq War is over and they whore themselves like tired old whores do, limping along, flashing flaccid flesh that no one's renting let alone buying, and whored up with so much make up they look like Meme on The Drew Carey Show.

Yes, yes, folks, the media whores of the left. And just when you think they have nothing left to expose, they unzip their pants and appall you again.

Cindy Sheehan
Last week, Peace Mom Cindy Sheehan arrived on Martha's Vineyard Tuesday with the intention of protesting War Hawk Barack Obama's ongoing wars. And?

As genuine left John V. Walsh points out: Silence.

The Progressive celebrated an anniversary which they falsely billed as the magazine's 100th anniversary. Among the people they enlisted to help them raise money at their big celebration was Cindy Sheehan. Strangely, last week, the rag's online site offered six postings (that's huge for that rinky-dink operation) and not a one about Cindy Sheehan. In addition, Socialist Matthew Rothschild taped two Socialist Point of Views -- one on Ted Kennedy and one Karzai . . . and none on Cindy Sheehan.

In These Times didn't have time for Cindy. The Nation didn't have time.

CODESTINK sent out two mailings last week. Neither noted Cindy. Cindy, Jodi's not going to back you on a protest against Barack. And Medea doesn't scratch her own crotch without Jodi's permission.

But screw them and the other cowards. If you've caught on to their lies and their whoring, consider yourself lucky and enlightened and grasp that they don't control anything except a bunch of rags that no one reads.

And grasp that the point for us in the last years has been educating the young to what was going on. That's at all the community sites and that's C.I., Ava, Wally and Kat on the road each week speaking to students. And grasp that students see hypocrisy. Students were the ones in 2003 who were the most outraged by the Iraq War. Students today are the ones who are outraged by the hypocrisy from the left. And the snubbing of Cindy Sheehan of last week? Just the thing to further fuel the outrage among the left's grassroots.

Last week saw a lot of on campus bravery. We'll close with one example, Chad Van Alistin's "Obama's promise on War in Iraq remains unfulfilled" (Collegiate Times):

Remember that war? Whatever happened to that? I heard a lot of people died. I also heard that there was no end in sight. I don't seem to hear about that war at all anymore. I remember promises of it coming to an end, even talk of a troop withdrawal. But I don't think the war ended. Still, I can't seem to find anything about it anymore.

Occasionally on the news I see stories about more deaths, more bombings, and even another hostage or two. However, there's no talk about the war itself, and certainly no talk about when it's going to end.

The news media has been fixated on stories of a healthcare crisis and swine flu. This sexy tale is full of controversy, fear of imminent death by an invisible invader, and even contains all the stimulus of high spending and corporatismRemind you of that War on Terror? The war that President Barack Obama promised to end. The war that the Democratic party promised to stop -- even going so far as to swear to take congressional action to end it as soon as possible. Instead, Obama and the Democrats have decided to continue occupying foreign soil.

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