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Shame on the Grammys for what they did to Tina Turner









There was only one Tina Turner.  Sadly, she passed away in 2023.  In the community, we noted her passing in the following posts:

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We got how significant and important and one-of-a-kind Tina was.

Sunday, the Grammys claimed to honor Tina but they didn't.

As Kat notes:

I like Fantasia but thought her performance was bulls**t and insulting.

Miley did a better job nodding to the great Tina Turner.

But they chose Fantasia -- a great singer -- to perform a 'Tina song.'

So she sang . . . a song Tina made famous with Ike.

That's not how you salute Tina.  She was a victim of domestic terrorism.  

As a solo artist, she won Grammys for singing "One Of The Living," "Better Be Good To Me," "What's Love Got To Do With It" and "Back Where You Started."  Her only number one -- solo or with The Revue -- as "What's Love Got To Do With It."

We didn't need to hear "Proud Mary."  

Tina had talked in her final year about how hurtful the domestic abuse and the fascination with it that the press had were to her.  

It did not honor Tina Turner to use that song to note her passing.

Shame on the Grammys.

Elaine notes:


Please read Kat's "Shame on the Grammys (the dishonor of Tina Turner) and what did work."  I agree 100% that the Grammys having Fantasia perform "Proud Mary" and not one of Tina's hits -- bigger hits -- from her solo career was insulting and disgusting.  It was supposed to be a moment to remember Tina.  The Grammys had to drag her abuser into it.  "What's Love Got To Do With It" is Tina's only number one single and from her solo career.  That's the song Fantasia should have been singing.  Instead, the Grammys elected to celebrate domestic abuse.  Shame on them.

And Stan notes:

Good evening, all.  My name is Giana Levy and I'm an idiot who writes for GRIO. A really really really big idiot.  And I write for a crap-ass outlet where other dumb idiots work

Did you watch The Grammys?  I think I did.  I write to praise Fantasia for honoring Tina Turner.

Fantasia's fat where as Tina was a thin, small woman.  Yes, Fantasia looked like an idiot onstage but I see that as an honor.

I also see her singing "Proud Mary" as honoring Tina.


Because I'm a fat idiot.  I'm so far, my body weight is 92% government cheese. 

Fantasia and The Grammys saw fit to 'honor' Tina Turner by emphasizing the most painful time of her life when she was married to a man who beat her repeatedly.  They could've honored Tina with one of her big hits -- like her only number one "What's Love Got To Do With It" -- but instead they chose to spit on an African-American woman by bringing up the lesser period of her artistic life, the time when she was being beaten and put in the hospital.

Shame on the Grammys.  Shame on Fantasia.  Shame on fat ass Oprah Winfrey.  Shame on me and THE GRIO.  And shame on every one who applauds The Grammy's spitting on Tina by honoring abuser Ike Turner.  Shame on you and F**k you. (See Kat's "Shame on the Grammys (the dishonor of Tina Turner) and what did work.")

If you're not getting how awful this 'honor' was, drop back to 2021 and read Ava and C.I.'s "Media: The failures of HBO and NPR" where they talk about how awful that period was for Tina and how, even after it, she suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress.  She had 43 solo hits.  43.  And the Grammys could have had Fantasia perform any of those.  Instead, they reached back to a period where Tina was tortured daily, terrorized endlessly and pretending that they were honoring Tina.  

"What's Love Got To Do With It" is Tina's only number one and Fantasia could have performed that. "Typical Male" and "We Don't Need Another Hero" were songs that made it to number two -- bigger hits than "Proud Mary."  "The Best" was not a huge hit in real time but it became one as it was used for sports clips on newscasts over and over. "One Of The Living" won her a Grammy as did "Better Be Good To Me" and "Back Where You Started."  She won two Grammys for "What's Love Got To Do With It."

There were better songs to pick.  Songs that honored and celebrated Tina.  The Grammys chose to celebrate the violence against her and that's disgusting.

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