Wednesday, February 07, 2024

From The TESR Test Kitchen




Cheetos Pretzels Cheddar Flavored.


Cheetos Pretzels Cheddar Flavored. from


Cheetos?  We like Cheetos.  The original version, the puff version.  Even the white cheddar version.


Pretzels.  We love pretzels.  Especially honey mustard pretzels.


But Cheetos Pretzels?


 Not to be Rosemary about it but they do have a chalky undertaste. 

They're also too thick.   A thinner version would probably taste better. (The sizes in a bag vary and the largest are thicker than the average Cheeto.)  As it is they're chalky and dull. They tend to end up in the side of your mouth and require you having to scrape them off your side teeth.

We each used a three-ounce bag.  No one got to the half way mark and Elaine could only take one of them before she said, "Forget it."

This should have been a home run.  Instead, we were all left disgusted.

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