Monday, March 20, 2023

Media: They lie

Truth?  Maybe it's just the 20th anniversary of the Iraq War, an illegal war built on lies, but we're not seeing truth anywhere these days -- just lies and more lies.




DISNEY+ has a 'documentary' series about . . . something. 

What, we're not exactly sure.

It's called MPOWER but it honestly remains us of an insane commercial for Jared's Jewelers.  You may have seen it.  A young Latino couple is shown.  The woman starts talking about the man she married and she's smiling, jump cut, she's now in tears and and talking about being in the hospital, jump cut, she's back to happy.  Are they selling wedding rings or drugs for mood swings?


It makes no sense.


Nor did it make a damn bit of sense to see some woman editor in MPOWER start blathering on about how her father died seven years ago and how that ties in with Scarlet Witch.


MPOWER -- no, we don't know what the title is supposed to mean either -- plays out like four really bad episodes of LIFETIME INTIMATE PORTRAIT.  A bizarre group of women appear for each of the four episodes -- they're actors, editors, writers and always one middle-aged White woman with clown like hair as a result of a really bad coloring.  


One group tries to justify WANDAVISION.  We warned you about that show way back when.  Critics were praising it to the roof -- it was so this and so that.  It was garbage -- female hatred.  That a bunch of women were behind it didn't make it any better.  We rightly compared it to 'the rest cure' that Charlotte Gilman Perkins critiqued in THE YELLOW WALLPAPER.  


Along comes last year's latest Doctor Strange film and suddenly people want to notice sexism.  


WANDAVISION was all about how women can't handle power.  


It's a sexist trope that's been around forever.


TV?  Lindsay Wagner  provided one of the 70s best portrayals of a woman in an action series.  But it didn't start out that way.  No, when Jamie Sommers was just supposed to be a two-part episode character on THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN, having bionics killed her.  To appease Steve, after her parachuting accident, the government gave her bionic parts.  But then she died because her body rejected them.  That was a sexist message of how women couldn't handle power. Lindsay was too talented and Jamie too popular.  She was brought back the following season.  And she was spun off on THE BIONIC WOMAN.   Comics?  Jean Grey.  Couldn't handle the power.  It's the saga that's been the basis of not jus tthe original X-MEN films also the failed attempt at a reboot.  


WANDAVISION took a powerful action hero and made her a joke -- confined her to a sitcom.

The only thing more stupid than that -- and even more stupid then some idiots celebrating the decision -- is hearing from the women behind that garbage.  In MPOWER, they explain that the episodes are the five stage of grief.  Even with careful editing and prepared remarks, the idiots on camera can't sell that lie -- they stumble and fumble around.  They also try lying that the first episode is like the 50s, you know, back when THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW was popular.

You mean the show that debuted in the sixties?  Because it did.  In 1961.  As did the other "fifties" show according to MPOWER -- BEWITCHED.

How stupid do you have to be to work for MARVEL-DISNEY?

Pretty damn stupid as another episode proves -- the one about CAPTAIN MARVEL.  You get a hair dresser explaining that for Brie Larson's film, she looked back to the 90s, you know, Stevie Nicks and Joan Jett. Joan Jett's faux punk look was established with the dawn of the 1980s.  The DISNEY+ 'documentary' shows Stevie Nicks from the seventies -- with hair like no one had in CAPTAIN MARVEL.  The closest thing to Stevie's hair in that movie would be her airwave perm of the early eighties. 

Time and again, these women stare straight into the camera with confidence and declare one lie after another.  It's as though they've just left the Bush administration.  

Women deserve to be celebrated -- even fictional ones like Scarlet Witch -- but it requires honesty.  Maybe the makers cared so damn little about women that pesky things like facts just didn't matter to them?

In that regard, they're a lot like some of the big sexists on YOUTUBE these days.

Can REVOLUTIONARY BLACKOUT NETWORK tell us what Jimmy Dore's crotch smells like?

We don't really care, but we'd like to hear them expound upon something they know about and that might be the only topic they could speak to with any expertise these days.

Last week, they brought Jimmy on again to ensure that everyone understood they were ass kissers.  We weren't aware anyone was still debating that point.

Jimmy quickly launched into singing his own praises -- as he loves to do.  And he wanted you to know about "they" and "them" -- unnamed entities that were against him and that were trying to humble Jon Stewart and Samantha Bee.  In fact, these entities were "shunning" Stewart and Bee.

Okay, Jon Stewart got the bum rush a few years back from Stephen Colbert when Jon suggested that the COVID 19 virus could have been from a lab in China.  And that's a possibility that seems even more likely today.  How is the fact that what he said over two years ago now being taken more seriously evidence that he's being shunned?

Equally insane, he wanted the world to know that Samantha Bee was trying to prove she was a feminist -- had to, insisted Jimmy.  Why?  Because, he explained, Samantha used the c-word.

Samantha's gone and used the c-word again?

No, it's the same thing we addressed in 2018.

Samantha wasn't shunned for it in real time and isn't shunned for it all these years later.

Last week, Samantha was a guest on THE VIEW.  It apparently traumatized Jimmy Dore because that's what he was talking about.  And going on about how Samantha was acting and pretending to be a feminist, according to the blowhard.  No, Jimmy, she is a feminist.  

He kept yammering away about how she supposedly won't deal with real issues.  All she could talk about, he huffed, was how there wasn't a woman hosting a late night program.  

Jimmy Dore:  Now she's super focused on championing women because she got in trouble for saying the c-word  Now she was saying, "Oh, I'd love to see, you know, a late night host as a female.  It's such a tragedy that it isn't' -- See, that's what they're focused on. They're not focused on: Wouldn't it be great if women had healthcare?  [sputtering and stammering] Wouldn't it be great if women had access to education without going bankrupt?  Wouldn't it be great if they had childcare and day care and precare and kindercare and all that s**t?  Wouldn't it be great for women? No, it would be great if a woman became -- got a f**king executive position on a television show.  That's all they think!

We should note that Jimmy did the segment with RBN hosts Nick and CJ who nodded along -- like stupid idiots -- with everything he said.

Excuse us, with every lie he told.


It was a seven minute and fifty-six second segment.  They carried over a hot topic to the start of the segment.  Then they discussed YOU'RE FAVORITE WOMAN, Samantha Bee's national comedy tour.  How this was inspired by the DOBBS decision and she spoke of the way women were responding to it, how women were under attack.  They then discussed efforts in Virginia for the police to have records of women's menstrual cycle data. They discussed Florida's "Don't Say Gay" law and the state of sex education in this country and shaming in terms of sexuality.  


At six minutes and thirty seconds in to this seven minute and fifty-six second segment, Sunny Hostin brings up that Samantha was "the first woman to host a late night satire show.  And it lasted seven seasons, it won two Emmys along the way.  And now that it's no longer on the air, we checked, we're left with just two women in late night.  We've got Amber Ruffin and we've got ZiWe."

Joy Behar notes that Joan Rivers was the first and, at seven minutes and forty-five seconds, ends the discussion of late night and winds the segment down.  

One minute and ten seconds is how long the discussion of women on late night takes place.

With those facts now know, let's go back and review Jimmy Dore's lies -- lies Nick and CJ co-signed to by nodding and grinning along while Jimmy lied.


Now she's super focused on championing women

Did he never watch her show?  She's been super focused on women throughout hosting her own program.  In fact, she even called out Joe Biden's sniffing of women and girls back during the primaries.


because she got in trouble for saying the c-word  


 What trouble?  It didn't impact the size of her audience.  She did have to apologize . . . five years ago. 



Now she was saying, "Oh, I'd love to see, you know, a late night host as a female.  It's such a tragedy that it isn't' -- 


She never said that.  Jimmy is a liar.  A two-bit whore who makes up lies and CJ and Nick are happy to nod along.


Not only was it not said, it was also pointed out that Amber Ruffin and Ziwe are two women on late night currently.

Jimmy lies that there are no women on late night when he's lying about what Samantha said.



See, that's what they're focused on. 


Not even two minutes in a seven minute segment and you're claiming "that's what they're focused on"?


They're not focused on: Wouldn't it be great if women had healthcare?  [sputtering and stammering] Wouldn't it be great if women had access to education without going bankrupt?  Wouldn't it be great if they had childcare and day care and precare and kindercare and all that s**t?  Wouldn't it be great for women? 


They dealt with the issues, that they, the women at the table wanted to address.  It wasn't the issues, Jimmy, that you, as a woman, wanted to speak about?  Oh, how sad for you.  How very sad.  They talked about healthcare, they talked about sex education, they shared stories about telling their children about sex, they addressed Don't Say Gay and other efforts to curb our freedoms.


And what's with "childcare and day care and precare and kindercare"?  It's all childcare, you stupid idiot.  Trying to pretend like you're a friend to women.  Please.


No, it would be great if a woman became -- got a f**king executive position on a television show.  That's all they think!


No, it's all you think about.  You lied.  Less than two minutes in a nearly eight minute segment -- four second shy of eight minutes.

He lied and Nick and CJ lied with him by nodding their heads and grinning like Stepen Fetchit fools but that apparently is all that the so-called REVOLUTIONARY BLACKOUT NETWORK can do because they're too busy lapping at their White master Jimmy Dore's balls.  We're not the only ones noting how embarrassing RBN's constant worship of Jimmy Dore is, THE VANGUARD has called it out as well.

Here's the segment Jimmy lied about.

When you can't get your own facts right, Jimmy Dore, you're only persuading the ignorant.  Is that why you keep going on REVOLUTIONARY BLACKOUT NETWORK -- because you've found someone even less informed than you are?

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